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  • “The Student Life” is a series that features conversations with experts who provide advice and tips about all things college-related for high school and college students.



    Top Five Tips For Selecting The Best College For You

    Winter 2022


    This is my junior year in high school. Thus, my time is largely consumed by researching colleges, studying for upcoming ACT and SAT exams, preparing for college entrance applications, and planning campus visits.


    I know I am not alone in this rite of passage, as countless students from across the country are feeling the same anxiety and concern about the “domino effect” of their college selection process - being accepted into a good/challenging/affordable school, then obtaining the most growth possible from that college experience, and then successfully transitioning into the workforce and being gainfully employed.


    So, I thought to share all the information I have been learning from various college coaches and counselors by creating a new series titled “The Student Life”, which will feature content about all things college-related in the form of advice and tips for high school and college students.


    The inaugural featured college coach is the fantastic Dr. Tania Abouzeide, Founder and Lead Consultant at Way Finder Consulting. I have had the pleasure of attending her incredible college boot camp sessions at the University of Miami as a Breakthrough Miami “Breakthrough U” scholar.


    Dr. Abouzeide shared some excellent tips for selecting the best college for you that are certain to make this daunting process a lot easier to navigate and even enjoyable!




    Contact Dr. Tania Abouzeide about her college coaching services:

    Way Finder Consulting


    (786) 496-3091


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