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  • Guided by the words of Paul C. Ransom, Ransom Everglades School produces graduates who "believe that they are in the world not so much for what they can get out of it as for what they can put into it."


    The mission of the school is to provide an educational environment in which the pursuit of honor, academic excellence and intellectual growth is complemented by concern for the physical, cultural and character development of each student.


    The school provides rigorous college preparation that promotes our sense of identity, community, personal integrity and values for a productive and satisfying life, and prepares us to lead and contribute to society. 



  • Since 1903, the Ransom Everglades School has emphasized rigorous academics and experiential learning, developing ambitious and confident students who strive to meet and solve great problems, serve others, and make the world a better place.


    The school teaches its students to believe that we are in the world not so much for what we can get out of it as for what we can put into it.


    The students care about our communities and the environment. We proudly serve the underserved, protect the endangered and stand up for justice. We value integrity and inclusion. When we enter the world, we are global citizens, fully equipped to solve challenging problems and, in the words of founder Paul Ransom, leave the world better than we find it.  



  • The Ransom Everglades School blends tradition and innovation to create an academic experience that is ambitious and appropriate at each age level. As students advance through the integrated curriculum, we apply our knowledge and skills to increasingly challenging problems across disciplines. We learn to think outside the box, seek different perspectives, collaborate, debate ideas and solutions, and defend our work.


    Learning at our school is a continuous exploration. It is guided by each student’s curiosity and encouraged by master faculty. The students learn to ask hard questions, think critically and collaborate across disciplines. We benefit from the school's tradition of experiential learning, its breathtaking location on Biscayne Bay and cutting-edge facilities and pedagogies.


    Every step of the way, the faculty at our school empowers the students to own their learning, exposes us to global perspectives and fosters an inclusive environment characterized by inquiry and student-centered discussions. All students engage in structured research projects across disciplines, gathering and analyzing data as well as the crafting of original work.


    Students find opportunities to pursue their passions through a broad variety of courses, as well as through special programs including independent study, the Ransom Everglades Climate Symposium, the Ransom Everglades Business Plan Challenge, the Dan Leslie Bowden Fellowships in the Humanities and much more.


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