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  • “The Color of Tech” is an interview series I produce that features my conversations with minority technology entrepreneurs and allows their experiences to serve as informative and inspirational guides.



    Avatar Buddy LLC | Co-Founder

    December 2022

  • [00:00] Introduction

    [00:43] Tell me about your personal and professional backgrounds.

    [02:15] At what point did you become interested in the field of technology?

    [03:27] What is Avatar Buddy, LLC and how do its products work?

    [06:41] What was your motivation in developing these products for Avatar Buddy, LLC?

    [08:11] What do you find to be the greatest challenge for women working in the technology field?

    [10:01] What is the greatest barrier to entry for minority-owned tech startups?

    [11:40] Why is it important that girls - and specifically girls of color - pursue careers in the technology field?

    [12:18] Production Credits




    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said "Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'”.


    Thus, on this MLK Day, I want to honor Dr. King’s legacy and answer his call to action by launching a new interview series titled “The Color of Tech” as part of my ongoing effort to uplift and empower those in my community with knowledge and information.


    For this inaugural interview, I have selected Stephanie Sylvestre, co-founder of Avatar Buddy LLC. And, I am proud to say that she is also my mentor.


    Technology is not new to Sylvestre, who has performed many different technical roles throughout her 30-plus-year career.


    Her latest endeavor finds her utilizing that experience to address the critical need for personal coaching and mentorship with the development of cutting-edge products that effectively use artificial intelligence technology as a 24/7 available digital aid.


    Our candid conversation covers a broad range of topics including the challenges faced by minority-owned technology startups to cultural issues women face in the world of technology to the importance of girls entering STEM fields early in their development.


    Learn more about Avatar Buddy LLC and its products:



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