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  • "Eco-Friendly" is an interview series I produce that features my conversations with environmental leaders whose organizations are working to protect our planet. 



    ARTSail | Founder and Executive Director

    Winter 2022

  • [00:00] Introduction

    [00:29] What sparked your interest in art and why did you decide to pursue a career in art curation?

    [01:27] When did you become actively involved in your efforts to protect the environment?

    [02:15] What is the mission of ARTSail and how does the organization achieve its intended goals and objectives?

    [04:11] What steps did you take to launch your vision for the initial programming for ARTSail?

    [06:36] How do you plan to grow the future impact of ARTSail?

    [10:07] What are some of the ways that people can best support ARTSail and its mission?

    [11:46] Production Credits




    Ombretta Agro' Andruff, an avid water sports enthusiast and longtime environmentalist with a passion for art curation, is the Founder and Executive Director of ARTSail.


    ARTSail is a unique nonprofit organization dedicated to facilitating collaborations between artists, scientists, marine experts, and activists in the creation of artwork with enduring advocacy value.


    ARTSail - the only organization in South Florida with access to ocean-going vessels and scientific practitioners for creative and climate change inquiry - hosts a range of programs that span from artist residencies to educational and outreach programs that help communities move from climate awareness to climate action.


    Agrỏ Andruff and her small but dedicated team are continuously finding innovative ways to leverage the masterful capacity of talented artists to utilize their creative works to communicate the importance of environmental-focused public policies that protect our planet.


    To learn more about ARTSail and support its mission click the link below:



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  • [00:00] Introduction

    [00:26] What is Miami Waterkeeper and its mission?

    [00:51] In what ways does Miami Waterkeeper help to protect South Florida waterways?

    [01:23] How does Miami Waterkeeper determine which water issues to prioritize when deciding its advocacy initiatives?

    [03:49] How was your transition into the role as Executive Director and what lessons did you learn from that experience?

    [05:41] What is the Junior Ambassador Program and what role does it play in training the next generation of advocates?

    [07:47] What are the greatest concerns for South Florida waterways that we currently face and will have to deal with in the future?

    [10:57] What ways can the South Florida community get involved in helping to keep the local waterways clean and safe?

    [13:07] Production Credits




    For the inaugural interview for my new "Eco-Friendly" series, I selected Rachel Silverstein, Ph.D., who is the Executive Director and Waterkeeper of the Miami Waterkeeper organization.


    My goal with the "Eco-Friendly" series is to feature my conversations with individuals involved in environmental activities and actions that are helping to protect our planet. Silverstein and her small but mighty team at Miami Waterkeeper exemplify the types of Earth-saving efforts I want to highlight and support.


    The term “waterkeeper” indicates that an organization is a member of a network of clean water advocates within the Waterkeeper Alliance and protects a particular waterway. A Waterkeeper is also a job title at each waterkeeper organization.


    Silverstein is the full-time Miami Waterkeeper, and her role is part investigator, scientist, educator, and legal advocate who functions as a public spokesperson in protecting our right to clean water. The mission of Miami Waterkeeper is to ensure swimmable, drinkable, fishable water for all.


    The tireless dedication by Silverstein in leading the efforts to protect the waterways of South Florida has made her an environmental hero to residents in the community.


    To support Miami Waterkeeper and its mission visit the link below:



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