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    Project Destined

    Miami, Florida (Hybrid)

    Spring 2023

  • Project Destined is a commercial real estate program that helps talented and diverse students from across the globe unlock career opportunities through training, mentoring, and unparalleled networking opportunities.


    I was selected as one of the scholars to participate in the Spring 2023 internship hosted at the University of Miami. This internship was a Project Destined collaboration between Breakthrough Miami and Tricap Development that provided 15 Miami-based high school students the opportunity for a college-level education in all aspects of commercial real estate - property development, valuation, financing, and deal pitching.


    Project Destined empowered me to become skilled, resourced, and networked in positive, socially-minded, community-based real estate development by helping me build an ownership mindset through learning the inner workings of the real estate industry.


    The weekly training sessions covered property valuation, market analysis and research, and sales pitches. Our sessions also featured guest speakers including Project Destined co-founder, Cedric Bobo and other industry experts as well as field trips to various types of real estate properties.


    Skills: Team Leadership · Pitch Development · Commercial Real Estate · Real Estate Development · Real Estate Financing · Valuation


    To learn more about Project Destined, visit the link below:



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    Overtown Youth Center

    Miami, Florida (Virtual)

    Summer and Fall 2022

  • The Overtown Youth Center (OYC) is a youth development program that provides comprehensive services to at-risk youth – between kindergarten to 25-year-olds – and their families, all of whom live in some of the most underserved neighborhoods in South Florida.


    OYC serves as a critical community hub that elevates the aspirational goals of its residents by fostering hope, promoting lifelong learning, guiding youth development, and strengthening family wellness.


    During my Summer and Fall 2022 internship terms with OYC, I served as the Environmental Advocacy Program Coordinator. I was charged with creating a social media civic engagement learning module that taught best practices for building advocacy and awareness about pressing community environmental issues to over 160 high school students.


    Using my skills as a content producer, my passion for environmental sustainability and my relationship as a Miami Waterkeeper (MWK) Junior Ambassador program member, I developed and taught a curriculum that utilized MWK’s “No Fertilizer Summer” social media campaign as the focus for a social media civic engagement project for the students.


    I was responsible for providing comprehensive, multicomponent instruction to the students, which included:

    • Information on how to identify and frame the objectives for an awareness/advocacy social media campaign.
    • Explanation of the various forms of creative elements that can be incorporated into social media posts.
    • Instruction on how best to work together in a team dynamic when developing social media posts.


    The project culminated with the students applying the lessons taught - while working either independently or in small teams - in creating social media posts that successfully engaged with the target audience, effectively built awareness and advocated support for MWK’s “No Fertilizer Summer” campaign.


    Skills: Environmental Awareness · Social Media · Content Development · Social Media Marketing · Teaching 


    To learn more about the Overtown Youth Center, visit the link below:



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    Office of North Bay Village Commissioner Streitfeld

    North Bay Village, Florida (Hybrid)

    Summer 2022

  • During the Summer 2022 term, I interned as the Environmental Researcher and Social Media Content Producer in the office of North Bay Village Commissioner, Rachel Streitfeld.


    Commissioner Streitfeld, a passionate advocate for the residents of North Bay Village, was born and raised in South Florida and grew up in a household where public service and civic engagement were strong themes. She is an attorney practicing law in the areas of land use, zoning, the environment, local government and climate adaptation.


    In my internship role, I was tasked with conducting research on current local and state regulations for stormwater drainage into North Biscayne Bay. This research helped Commissioner Streitfeld craft legislation and policies to improve the oversight of drainage pollution in North Bay Village as well as protect South Florida waterways.


    Additionally, I utilized my social media skills to develop content that informed the residents of North Bay Village and South Florida of the importance of legislation and policies that ensure our local waters are safe and clean.


    To learn more about the Office of North Bay Village Commission, visit the link below:



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    The Children's Trust of Miami-Dade

    Miami, Florida (Hybrid)

    Spring 2022

  • The Children’s Trust of Miami-Dade County (TCT) is a dedicated source of revenue established by voter referendum to improve the lives of children and families in Miami-Dade County by making strategic investments in their future.


    During the Spring 2022 term, I interned with the organization as a Social Media Content Writer and was provided the opportunity to utilize my social media skills and talents in promoting TCT's mission of funding impactful programming and high-quality services.


    My internship responsibilities entailed working with members of the Communication Department in assisting to develop effective social media messages and posts that inspired, informed and empowered our community of diverse residents living throughout Miami-Dade County.


    To learn more about The Children's Trust of Miami-Dade County, visit the link below:



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    Florida Health Justice Project

    Miami, Florida (Virtual)

    Summer 2021

  • Florida Health Justice Project (FHJP) is a non-profit organization that engages in comprehensive advocacy to expand healthcare access and promote health equity for vulnerable Floridians by utilizing advocacy initiatives, powerful storytelling, board outreach and educational efforts as well as by providing technical assistance and support.


    I was fortunate to be selected as a Summer 2021 intern for FHJP’s STORIES Project, which works to share the experiences of Floridians navigating the state's health justice issues by helping to educate the public, the media, and policymakers in understanding the healthcare barriers faced by Floridians and their families.


    In my role, I was charged with the critical task of overseeing the daily asset development tracking and case management, which relates to the development of each storyteller’s written narrative and/or video as well as maintaining logs that detail the storyteller's contact information including their consent forms and communications/correspondences between FHJP team members and the storyteller. I managed these database entries using the Airtable platform.


    Additionally, I attended FHJP virtual team meetings, taking notes and providing recaps of assigned tasks and other action items. During video conference calls with national partners, I provided assistance by navigating through STORIES Project webpages and presented progress updates on new initiatives.  


    To learn more about the Florida Health Justice Project, visit the link below:



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